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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Favorite Pieces

To enjoy beauty, you have to be aware of it, and that's one of the purposes of this blog--to build awareness about beauty. We so often walk right by beauty without noticing it, especially if it's part of our everyday landscape. Today, to wake myself up, I thought I'd list just a few of my favorite items of beauty in my house:

* the "jar of clay" painting we bought on our first anniversary trip
* the multi-colored glass bowl he gave me for my birthday
* the "Narnia" painted door
* the purple frosted glass water bottle with the delicately-turned lip
* the tall vase with the Raku finish

Now, what about you? Leave a comment listing or describing some of your favorite items of beauty in your home. Look around before you do so and enjoy your things again.


Cindy Johnson said...

I agree with you in that beauty is a gift from God. As an artist, I truly believe that I enjoy life more than others - stopping to savor the fragrance of that grilled dinner floating through our neighborhood from an unknown source, a peacefully sleeping child, the tinge of pink glowing through the forest at sunset, the persistant chirp of spring peepers, the pattern of dappled sunlight at my feet. Wow! What a God we have!

I'm also facing a wall of beauty as I sit and type. We painted this room a deep forest green, and I have six paintings on it - mostly my own, and mostly bright primary and secondary colors. The big one in front of my computer is precious as it holds memories of my five year old son and I smearing gesso on a board and ourselves and sploshing color onto the wet gesso. Each time I look at it I see a special, very painted boy.

I have a poem for you I wrote some time ago after an amazing experience. It's called:

Beauty and the Storm Front

Beauty awoke me today.
Early felt it brighten my room,
a thunderclap eagerly sealed its doom.
Light rain pattering,
all nature rejoicing.
Morning sunshine, peach and glowing
yet greens so dep
I was roused from my sleep
to see Beauty.
The forest was dancing,
the leaves were singing
like rushing ocean waters,
Singing of another day given
Loudly hailing Beauty as she came.
I stood in awe, then
rushing from window to door
treading softly across the floor
seeking every view
to see the splendor of Beauty.
The rooms were glowing
all nature showing...Beauty.
Jars of jam in my window
flushed with radiance
burning with the colors of God;
How must heaven glow!
This is a glimpse, I know!
The world was bright,
as if not knowing
that a storm from the west o'er its glory was rolling.
I could not stop,
I was pulled outside (rain wetting my face)
wanting to meet this splendor straight from God.
A clap of thunder pushed me in!
There I watched, wishing the thunder would subside,
the flashing cease but for a moment...
so I could rush outside to greet Beauty.
Ah, now the darkness rushes in
painting the luminous peach and gold and rose with darkening blues and somber greys;
ominous coverings and howling violence!
I think twice of my children,
but sit transfixed
as the tempest madly chases the sun
and finally,
Peace mingles with the brightening greys of a new day...
and the gentle, steady rhythm of soft morning rain.

by Cindy Johnson. The memory of that unforgettable storm is etched into my mind forever. Wow.

Always enjoy your blog.

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...


So good to hear from you! I feel the same way--that I enjoy life more than others because I do stop to savor the beauty. I can picture your son, too, covered in paint. What a special memory for you.

I enjoyed your poem. I especially like the lines:

"How must heaven glow!
This is a glimpse, I know!"

So many times I have had the same thoughts and have been so grateful for the glimpses.

Thanks again for commenting and for reading. It's nice to know there are other beauty lovers out there!



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