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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

I love strawberries, and so does my family. Last Friday, my parents, my daughter, and I went strawberry pickin' at a farm near my parents' house. My folks had gone with my sister and her girls the week before and she had brought home big bags of berries. I wanted to go too--not just for the spoils but for the experience. My daughter and I have never picked our own strawberries before, and I wanted the two of us to have that memory with her grandparents.

The rows of strawberry plants went on and on. We chose two rows at random and started. Those first few berries, hidden under the leaves of the plants, were small, red, and perfect. I was surprised somehow. They weren't the huge, mutant-looking things we usually find at the grocery store. We worked our way down rows next to each other and then spread out a bit when we realized the berries in that area had been picked over. After about 30 minutes, my daughter started asking how much longer it would be. She reminded me of myself at her age. Whenever we gardened--whether at my grandparents' house or at our friends' place--I couldn't wait to go inside or go home.

Fortunately, before long, we had two large bucketsful of ripe red berries. As we went inside the building to pay for them, we passed a long bench full of kids under seven stuffing berries into their mouths with sticky fingers and sporting red-stained smiles. On the way home, the sweet fragrance of the strawberries wafted through the car, reminding me of a day well spent with my parents and my daughter, doing a little bit of labor for a lot of goodness. Making me grateful, yet again, for the beauty and variety and provision of creation.


Brenda Leyland said...

I can only imagine how wonderful your strawberry picking experience was. Especial on the way home being able to inhale that delicious fragrance.

Now that's beauty at its sweetest!

Crystal Laine said...

My dad used to grow strawberries in his garden (among other things--like the VERY best cantaloupe in the world!) This reminds me of him today.

Tomorrow is Strawberry Festival Day in Upland, Indiana and if you ever go, Ivanhoe's has THE best strawberry shortcake (I like mine with soft ice cream...) Delish! And beautiful.

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

I've been to Ivanhoe's once--years ago--and I remember that whatever I got was out of this world! It most likely was sort of chocolate. Now I'm wishing for some of that strawberry shortcake.

The festival sounds fun. And delicious!



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