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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Music That Inspires

I'm listening to Handel's Messiah. I don't usually listen to music when I'm writing because I'm easily distracted. I like to sing, hum, and even dance sometimes, and I don't get much work done. I've been singing along to Messiah, though, and boy, are those soprano notes high! I can still hit them but occasionally it sounds like...well, it sounds like shrieking. When my dog's ears start twitching, I stop.

I can hardly keep from singing, though. The music is gorgeous and so familiar--my concert choir sang the Christmas portion of Messiah every year in high school. To me, that was the highlight of the season.

So why am I listening to Christmas music when it's only September? I'm writing an article and Handel's genius is inspiring me. I should be working on that article right now but I wanted to take a minute to ask you this: What music inspires you? Do you have a favorite piece from your past that you haven't listened to lately? Pull it out and turn it up. See where it takes you. And leave a comment later.

Oh, "For Unto Us a Child is Born" just came on! I've got to go. Enjoy the beauty of music today.

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jhand said...

I have always enjoyed hymns. I could play a couple on the piano from memory when I was in high school. I used to play the piano when I was worried or upset and it helped to occupy my hands and mind and calm my nerves. I still use the same two hymns to call on the Lord to overcome stress and worry. I cannot play them from memory anymore but I can still sing them. "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and "It is Well with My Soul"
Uplifting melodies and encouraging words to calm a weary soul.



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