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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sound of Music

If you're like me, when certain pieces of music touch your ears, your soul takes flight. For me, that music includes several selections from Handel's Messiah; anything from the classical collection of old favorites I listened to during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born; Mahler's Enigma, the gorgeous piece my husband and I chose for our wedding processional; and more. When I was young, the harmonies in "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" and "The Doxology" drew me long before I understood the meaning of the words. Recently, during Theatrical Outfit's production of Godspell, singer/actor Eric Moore's stirring performance of "All Good Gifts" made me wish I could carry it home with me. Sometimes bluegrass, gospel, folk and worship music move me the same way.

What type or pieces of music are filled with beauty for you? I'd love to know.

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