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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Sickness

My friend Eileen is lying in the hospital this morning, very very sick. Two years ago, another friend named Julie--a regular reader of this blog-- was also very sick and spent part of the holidays in the hospital, too. Today I'm filled with thanks that Eileen is still with us, at least for now, and that Julie has recovered fully and is now the mother of a beautiful little boy.

Julie sent me an email several months ago about the beauty she found even in her hospital room. I'm going to share it below. Hug your family and friends close this Thanksgiving, and let the beauty around you remind you of all there is to thank God for.

"The first time I had an extended stay in a hospital bed was at the end
of October 2006. The hospital was brand new and I had a large private
room with a large window. The view inside was clean and nice. The
hospital sits in the middle of a business and shopping district but from
my 4th story window the only thing I could see was a patch of trees
wearing the most vibrant Autumn colors. I remember staring out the
window for hours taking in the extraordinary colors of God's creation.
I don't think a trip to the Mountains would have given me a more
beautiful display of the season.

"A few weeks later I again was in the
hospital this time for a much longer stay, in a more serious condition,
and in the middle of the Christmas Holiday. This time my room was small
and the view was that of a parking lot and a highway. The weather
seemed to be overcast and dark everyday. I missed the view of the
beautiful trees but I found plenty of beauty inside those 4 walls. The
love of God expressed in the form of family and friends who brought such
comfort and joy both in the hospital and during my long recovery at
home. I found beauty in the medical staff who so carefully cleaned and wrapped
wounds that were so ugly I was unable to look upon them myself. I found
beauty in the feel of the breeze on my face after being inside in a bed
for more than 2 weeks. I now try to remember how many things there are
in everyday life that are beautiful and I try to stop and appreciate
them, and thank God for them."

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