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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sun

Getting up with the sun is not something I especially like to do. I've noticed lately, though, that the sun is making its presence known through the bedroom window at 6 a.m. And I'll admit that there's something about letting the sun wake you up. It's like a silent continual snooze button--gradually getting brighter until you need a pillow to cover your face if you want to keep sleeping.

Lately I have also taken to walking the dog in the mornings when it's cool outside. The sun is up by then but it's still soft. Drowsy and not quite bright. Sunlight falls on the tops of trees and shrubs but doesn't yet dispel the shadows underneath. We can see and even smell the freshness of the new day. The potential.

A couple of hours later, the sunlight shines in full force, making a walk anywhere impossibly hot. But that's what summer is about--at least where I live. If you're brave enough, you cover yourself with sunblock, grab your sunglasses, drink plenty of water. And look for shady spots along the way.

In addition to light and heat, the sun also gives us beauty. Sunrises and sunsets are among my favorite moments of the day. I also love to see its rays filtered through the clouds or the trees.

The sun provides beauty in another way. Because of its light, we are able to see the rest of creation: the blue sky, the flowing river, the pretty flowers in the garden, our loved one's faces. We also need it to lift our moods and keep us healthy.

Now that summer is in full swing, it's easy to take sunlight for granted. But without it, where would we be? Where would beauty be?

Time to go for a walk.

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