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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ancient Ones

Ancient redwood trees, stately, majestic. So tall you can’t see the top, only branches and leaves against the sky. So large that if you try to wrap your arms around it, you feel like a toddler hugging a football player. Reddish brown bark sometimes twisted with age and weather. Hollowed-out bases big enough to stand up in, wide enough to camp in. Many redwoods have humps that look like swollen, knobby joints. Surrounded by their children and grandchildren at their feet. Some of these massive trunks have rings that trace back to the time of Christ. The time of Christ!

Their Creator and ours.

We visited the Redwood Grove at Henry Cowell State Park in Santa Cruz, California. We plan to return.


Sharon L Goemaere said...

I just love your blog.I have always had a keen appreciation for beauty.And being a former Californian who now resides in Oregon I well remember those lovely redwoods.And now I am surrounded by beauty of a different kind here in Oregon.God is so good.:-)Blessings~Sharon

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...


Yes, Oregon is beautiful too, isn't it? I've visited Oregon many times and especially enjoyed the Columbia River Gorge, which is breathtaking with all its waterfalls. And the coast with its wild waves and rock formations is gorgeous. Hmm... I may have to pull out those old photos and write a post about your beautiful new state...

Thanks for your comment!


Sharon L Goemaere said...

I would encourage you to do a post on my lovely state.I have been out here since 1991 and have adjusted quite nicely.So has my husband.We love it here.But then we're both lovers of nature and all it's beauty so that is almost a given.Big grin.Blessings~Sharon
ps...we love our coastline,especially when it's stormy.


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